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Certificate of Excellence - 2014 Winner

Winning for 4th time the top award of tripadvisor. That makes us very happy as these distinctions is the practical rewards of their own customers!

New flavors. New selected plates.

TAMAM welcomes the summer season with a renewed menu. We kept that dishes you have loved and we added more than 15 new dishes in all our categories. We've worked with new materials, we found the perfect proportions of perfumes and even colors. And after tasting them again and again, until stay completely satisfied ourselves, we proudly presents to you our new menu to enjoy.

Readers: Here is Greece's hottest restaurants

Readers: Here is Greece's hottest restaurants. Going to the Greek islands? See where you get the best food according to the readers. Queue and kisses on Rhodes I would recommend the restaurant Tamam in Rhodes. It is a family run restaurant with traditional Greek dishes and their own interpretations. Here are working father and his four daughters. There's a line far out on the sidewalk, but it's worth the wait! The food is beautiful and the wine too - both for quite reasonable prices. I was there twice with my mother and we got kisses and hugs as they remembered us the second time. Isabel Thostrup
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